Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 2015-01-01 Last Updated: 2017-12-12

GDriveFlow provides various workflow services such as Initiating document to approve /Confirm to approve /Approve to cooperate / Refuse /Inquiry /Leaving Management using GDriveFlow workflow system to G Suite users.

GDriveFlow workflow system operates in conjunction with G Suite and operates using some information of G Suite user.

The privacy policy for GDriveFlow covers:

    1. Information we collect

      1. What information GDriveFlow use

      2. Why GDriveFLow use it

      3. Information the user gives us

      4. Information we collect as users use GDriveFlow service.

    2. How we use the information we collect

    3. Security of user data

We have included Privacy Policy here. SBC Technology Inc., is the company behind the GDriveFlow software.

SBC Technology respects the need for privacy and is committed to protecting the personal or professional information we share with you. The following terms are added to the confidentiality provisions set forth herein (listed in Section 3.5 of the Terms of Service). In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this section and the confidentiality provisions, the confidentiality provisions shall prevail.

    1. Information we collect:

      • What information GDriveFlow use : user’s name, email and G Suite Group email, Google Drive docs information like title,id,docUrl, Calendar details title, id, owner’s email. G Suite Directory is used for user list.

      • Why GDriveFlow use it : GDriveFlow uses it for better experience of product and show information in product. GDriveFlow uses G Suite Groups for adding members and assign only view permission for attached docs. G Suite Directory is used to assign approvers in WorkFLow requests. Calendar is used to save events in to show users and administrator into the page for Leave Management.

      • SBC Technology collect information in two ways:

        1. Information the user gives us. For users who provide the necessary approvals during account settings and login, SBC Technology collects information from G Suite to provide better services to all users. This includes the name, last name, email address, and G suite group you belong to. This information is periodically synchronized. SBC does not store passwords or documents in applications.

        2. Information we collect as users use GDriveFlow service. SBC Technology can gather specific information about how users use the product. This includes situations such as how users use specific features and when users use products. Information is collected by the data log. GDriveFlow logging system automatically collects information such as Internet protocol addresses, browser types, browser languages, recommended URLs, access features, generated errors, time zones, operating system information, and other information sent from your HTTP request header. Save this information to a log file. SBC Technology uses these log files to analyze trends, manage and improve applications. SBC Technology does not collect or store applications or user specific data as part of the log.

    2. How we use the information we collect

      • SBC Technology uses the above information for general purposes such as providing services, billing, identification and authentication, service improvements and research. We can keep your communication record with users so that users can address any challenges they may face when they contact SBC Technology.

      • Secure Google APIs is used to get the user’s name, email, Google Group information, Google Drive files, G Suite Directory, Calendar on behalf of users.

      • Google’s Email and profile API is used to get user’s name, email.

      • Directory Admin SDK Directory API is used to get user name, email address from G suite

      • Google Drive API is used to get data for attached files from user’s Google Drive

      • Google Group API is used to to create and add members

      • Spreadsheet API is used to upload data and Import data from GDriveFlow into Spreadsheet,

      • Calendar API is used to add and create events into Calendar,

    3. Security of user data

      • SBC Technology adopts industry-appropriate data collection, storage, processing methods and security measures to prevent unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, or destruction of your personal information and data stored in user accounts. SBC Technology will notify user reasonably as soon as reasonably possible due to security breaches that may affect customer data. Access to user’s names and email addresses is only available to employees who need to know such information in connection with providing services to users and who are bound by confidentiality obligations. SBC Technology does not share user’s data with third parties or sell personally identifiable information provided by user for the purpose of sending user advertisements for products or services that are not related to SBC Technology.

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